Sales and Use Tax Outsourcing

Outsourcing the monthly sales and use tax returns process frees up your staff to concentrate on the core operations of your business, and provides oversight of your tax liability.  SUTC works closely with your staff by delivering:

  • Secure data file transfer

  • Review of incoming tax data

  • Accurate completion of sales tax returns

  • Timely correspondence with taxing authorities

Tax Funds Management

A sub-component of our outsourcing practice, this service eliminates accounts payable delays when processing sales tax compliance liability checks. This service can accommodate companies that prefer to have a separate escrow account for making state payments. We offer two flexible options through a Tax Escrow Account.

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Registration Services

The regulations and registration requirements for collecting and remitting sales tax varies by state.   Here are some questions to determine your obligation to register:

  • Do you provide taxable sales or services?

  • Do you have a physical presence in the state?

  • Do your sales representatives operate in multiple states?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above, SUTC can guide you in the registration process.    We can file the necessary forms to allow you to operate and pay taxes in all states and local jurisdictions.

Complementary Services

  • Refund Petitions
  • Voluntary Disclosure Representation
  • Secretary of State Registration services

Nexus and Taxability Research

What is nexus?

It is a means of connection, a tie or a link

How does that translate to sales tax?

Nexus for sales tax purposes requires a physical presence (connection, tie or link) in the taxing jurisdiction.

Do you have nexus?

Perhaps.   We can help you make that determination.

Taxability Research

Are tax laws the same in every state?

No.  A product or service may be taxed in one state and not in another.  Even within one state, local sales tax ordinances may or may not mirror state laws.

What’s unique about your industry or business?   How are your products or services taxed?

Our research will provide a course of action to ensure compliance with all state and local sales tax laws.

Ellen and the team at Sales and Use Tax Consulting have been a tremendous help to our growing business. They have allowed our accounting department to allocate time to other items while providing valuable research on sales tax issues along with filing our returns timely.

Rob Hearn , TTS Energy Services

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