Is your accounting department overwhelmed with sales and use tax compliance? Let us help. The importance of accurate sales and use tax returns has never been more important than now.  As states struggle to meet their budget requirements, they are aggressively seeking sales tax collections. This means lower or non-existent discounts on timely filing, increased penalties, and frequent Sales Tax Audits.

Mitigate your risk with Sales and Use Tax Consulting. Since 1997, we have been providing full service multi-state tax compliance to large and small companies alike. Our customers have chosen us because we...

  • Provide individualized, courteous service
  • Understand the complexities of state and local sales taxes, including telecommunications taxes
  • Process returns and remittance in a timely fashion
  • Personally correspond with taxing authorities on their behalf
  • Provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house staff

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Our Services

  • Sales & Use Tax Returns

    Outsource your sales and use tax compliance process and free up your staff to concentrate on the core operations of YOUR business. Leave the monthly returns to our experts.

  • Telecom Tax Returns 

    With deep experience in telecommunications taxation, SUTC handles the compliance for all relevant transaction taxes, including federal, state, and local.

  • Registration Services

    SUTC will file the necessary forms to allow you to operate and pay taxes in all states and local jurisdictions.

  • Nexus and Taxability Research

    Nexus determination will identify your tax exposure in each jurisdiction. Our research will provide a course of action to ensure compliance.

More Services